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Special topic: 2024 Round Table on the Development of Guizhou Liquor Enterprises

As an example of the high-quality development of Chinese liquor, in recent years, the development of Guizhou liquor has attracted more and more attention both inside and outside the industry. The development of Guizhou liquor industry plays an important role and significance for China's liquor industry. On May 27th, the 2024 round table on the development of Guizhou liquor enterprises with the theme of "defending, innovating and protecting Guizhou liquor brands, gathering wisdom and strengthening superior industrial clusters" was held in Maotai International Hotel.

Wang Li, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Maotai Group, made a keynote speech on behalf of Maotai at the meeting. Wang Li, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Maotai Group, pointed out in a keynote speech at the meeting that at present, both production and sales in the liquor industry are declining, the overall mobile sales are slowing down, consumer products are shrinking, consumer confidence is insufficient, and the price inversion of many products has become an issue of common concern to the industry and society.

Are these problems short-term or long-term?Crashbandicootteamracingnitrofueled? How should we deal with it? How to build the core competitiveness of Guizhou liquor? Wang Li gave an answer at the meeting.

Looking at the development of liquor from two dimensions, long-term improvement is the main theme

Wang Li believes that the above issues need to be considered in the international and domestic context.

From the perspective of the international environment, Wang Li pointed out that on the one hand, although the aging trend of the global population is irreversible, the base of alcohol consumers is still very large; on the other hand, spirits currently account for a very low proportion of alcohol consumer goods. In particular, the proportion of China's liquor exports is still low. These two factors also bring new opportunities to the internationalization of Chinese liquor.

Combined with recent research findings in three Southeast Asian countries, Wang Li mentioned that according to the statistics and forecasts of authoritative institutions, global per capita alcohol consumption will further increase in the future, while liquor is infiltrating to "localization" in overseas markets.

"this further shows that the international market space of Chinese liquor is broad, the potential is huge, and the advantage of backwardness is extremely obvious." Wang Li said.

From the perspective of the domestic environment, various signs and data show that the confidence of the main body of the domestic market is constantly increasing, and a good start and recovery have become the basic characteristics and development trend of the current economic operation. it shows that the fundamentals of China's long-term economic improvement have not changed and will not change. On the other hand, with the accelerated conversion of new and old kinetic energy, new ternary industries such as biotechnology, digital technology and new energy are also gradually rising. In Wang Li's view, this will bring more new business type, new scenes, new demand, and provide a broader market space for liquor consumption.

"taken together, the problem is short-term and temporary, and long-term improvement is the main theme." Wang Li said: we should strengthen our confidence, seize new opportunities, expand new markets, create new scenes, and promote the continuous improvement of international and domestic markets through homeopathy, borrowing, and creating momentum.

Improve product power, market power and brand power

Shaping the Core competence of Guizhou Liquor

How do you do that? Wang Li said that the key is to enhance product power, market power and brand power, through the promotion of the "three forces" to deeply shape the core competitiveness of Guizhou liquor.

First of all, we should stick to the original intention to do "good products" and continue to improve "product power". Wang Li said that providing consumers with a bottle of good wine is not only the bottom line of conscience, but also the most basic requirement for the sustainable development of wine enterprises. The focus of improving product power is to adhere to the orientation of "good products" and to deal with the uncertainty of the market with the stability of quality.

With regard to how to improve product power, Wang Li believes that, first, it is necessary to grasp the fundamental compliance of being a "good product" and strike a balance between inheritance and innovation; second, it is necessary to grasp the essential law of making a "good product" and balance time, space, and construction methods; third, it is necessary to grasp the long-term doctrine of making good products and balance natural, ecological, cultural, and production factors.

"to make a good product, we should not only inherit the wisdom left by our ancestors, but also innovate the elements of the times, so that the products have both traditional and modern characteristics, and better meet the diversified needs of consumers." Wang Li said.

The second is to unswervingly construct the "excellent ecology" and continuously improve the "market power". Wang Li said that Maotai and Guizhou liquor enterprises should adhere to the concept of competition and cooperation, establish a good industrial ecology and commercial ecology, and continuously improve the overall market power of Guizhou liquor.

On how to improve market power, Wang Li also proposed that one is to build an orderly and integrated industrial ecology, and the other is to build a benign and balanced business ecology. The volume of soy sauce liquor is increasing and its market share is expanding, which is the result of policy support, Maotai leadership and the joint efforts of brother liquor enterprises. under the new background, Guizhou liquor enterprises should properly deal with product supply and consumption demand, the relationship between growth rate and development efficiency, do not rush for quick success and quick benefit, and do not engage in malicious competition. We will jointly build an orderly and integrated industrial ecology and promote the continuous transformation of the whole industrial ecology to the type of quality and benefit.

With regard to price, Wang Li believes that in order to adhere to the purpose of product price matching, the pricing of products must respect the laws of the market, disrespect the market, do not respect consumers, and are bent on making fast money and disturbing the business ecological order. Enterprises are doomed to go far and can't go on.

With regard to channels, Wang Li believes that the relationship between online and offline, distribution channels and self-supporting channels is not a "life-and-death" relationship, but a "two-legged" walk, and the two complement each other, support and cooperate with each other in order to walk steadily and run fast.

The third is to unremittingly build a "beautiful image" and continue to enhance the "brand power". In Wang Li's view, brand is the most important intangible asset, the most valuable asset, and the resource that can win customer recognition in the market. For Guizhou liquor enterprises, the core of improving brand power is to establish a good brand image around the three dimensions of products, enterprises and producing areas. "A reliable product must have a reliable enterprise behind it. For the liquor industry, it is inseparable from the endorsement of a reliable brand in the producing area."

On improving the brand power of products, Wang Li said that on the one hand, to cultivate the product matrix of enterprises, large items are fixed stars, and small brands are moats. For making products, it is not the more the better, but to adhere to the principle of becoming one, to strengthen the large products and refine the small products, to work for a long time, and to create the image products and classics of the enterprise in the hearts of consumers. On the other hand, create the image of producing areas, share Guizhou wine to the world, promote Chinese wine culture, and tell Guizhou stories.

crashbandicootteamracingnitrofueled| Moutai Wang Li: Online and offline, distribution and self-operated channels are not a "life-and-death" relationship

Regarding the improvement of the company's brand power, Wang Li said that the key point is to create a corporate brand image of "truth, goodness and beauty", to be a company with a sincere attitude and to make real products; to be kind to nature, society, and people. Be kind and share development results with relevant parties.

In terms of improving the brand power of the production area, Wang Li said that it is necessary to create Guizhou's image and brand IP of Qianshan Xiushui brewing good wine, and enhance the popularity and reputation of the production area. On the one hand, we must formulate a quality standard system for production areas and jointly build a quality expression system; on the other hand, we must jointly abide by the normative order, and at the same time, we must jointly promote the development of supporting industrialization.

"World spirits look at China, Chinese liquor looks at Guizhou, and Guizhou liquor looks at Maotai. Moutai is duty-bound to lead and drive Guizhou liquor to achieve higher-quality development." Wang Li said that Guizhou, as a dominant producing area of Chinese liquor, has very obvious comparative advantages. The high-quality development of Guizhou liquor has a promising future and has great potential!